***UPDATE 28/12/11***

We’ve received word that Boadie and Jack have found a temporary home, the best outcome possible!

**update 15th Dec**

“Hi everyone, a few of you have been asking if we have found anywhere for these two pooches yet, and I’m afraid the answer is no.  So I am putting out one last call to see if you would mind forwarding this to anyone you know who likes dogs who may know someone who can take care of Boadie and Jack….. 🙂  Thank you to everyone who has responded so far and for your thoughtfulness and help.

Kind regards

Could you offer a temporary safe haven to two adorable Labradoodles? This charming pair need someone to take them in whilst their family rebuilds their home… please read the message below from Adrian to find out how you can help:

We are looking for a temporary foster home for our 2 dogs, Boadie (Brown Labradoodle – approx 5 year old female) and Jack (White Labradoodle – approx 4 year old male). Ideally we need someone to care for the dogs for about 9-10 months from mid January as we are demolishing and rebuilding the house and won’t be able to keep the dogs for this time. We will provide/pay for all their food and vet cost for the period and have a call out vet for any medical issues. They are fully vaccinated, de-sexed and are micro-chipped and both pretty well behaved and don’t usually bark unless someone comes onto or is walking past the property. They are outside dogs having never been kept inside and energetic so they need some exercising and we have 3 kids so they are socialised.
Our preference would be that they stay together, but we would separate them for the duration if that helped us keep them. If you know someone who may be able to help, please contact me asfmurphy(at)bigpond.com.au .

Boadie & Jack


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