***UPDATE 24/11/11***

Great news, I’ve been informed by Jeane that Jed has been adopted!

If you can help Jed, who has now gone to the Pound – which means he is now on VERY LIMITED time – please contact Jeane at Best Friends Animal Rescue on 0415 779 610 or at bfarescue(at)westnet.com.au

3yo male  Y  de-sexed Y   micro chipped  Y  Shepherd x

Jed was rescued two years ago with a matter of hours to spare before he was to be put to sleep and now needs a loving home.  His family are devastated to see him go but realise that he will be happier in a new home because he is getting bullied and beaten by his pack mate, a 4yo male collie/ridgeback.

He is a lovely boy and his favourite thing is to hang out and play with children, the kids he lives with are 6 and 14.  He loves people and enjoys just being around and being part of the family

He knows all his basic commands, sit, stay, down, heel, come, paw, waits for dinner etc.  and he is good in the car and on a leash.

Jed is a complete goofball, he loves the beach but he will only swim if another dog or person is swimming too, he spins with excitement when he hears dinner being made, will pick up and throw his metal food bowl to tell us its dinner time, he is a laugh a minute and a fun boy with so much character.

He likes other dogs (Just not the one he lives with)

Ideally Jed would be best suited to a home where he will be the only dog so he can polish off his training and learn some manners without feeling the need to compete with another dog.  He would also fit into a home that has an older female dog that could tolerate Jed’s bouncy nature.

I would be willing to drive anywhere to drop Jed off to a loving home, and would take him back if he didn’t fit in, though I’m sure he would.

Jed Needs Your Help

Please contact Jeane at Best Friends Animal Rescue on 0415 779 610.

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