These lovely chickens have found a great home – thank you Louise! Xx

Elvis and June are two gorgeous Frizzle Bantams that need to find a home as soon as possible.  They currently live in a great little spot in the Perth Hills but Elvis is a little protective of his gorgeous gal and has taken to attacking the children of the family when they enter the chook yard.  This fluffy pair are TINY…  June is very quiet and docile and looks just like a little feather duster.  Elvis is stunning to look at and is full of personality, however because he is very protective of his girl, he would not make a good pet for anyone with small children.  He would thrive in a chicken coop with a few more girls and a gentle but assertive human carer.  If you can offer a safe and loving forever home for Elvis and his No 1 gal, June… please contact Maree at gawok@me.com or 0402 263 554 for further details.

Elvis & June
Elvis & June

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