I just heard from the Ranger and he tells me that someone rang up today and has offered to give William a new home.  I don’t know who that someone is, apparently they saw our ad on Facebook – so if this is YOU – please post a comment to say hi, and THANK YOU for offering this sweet boy a second chance!  Thanks to EVERYONE who shared his story around.. the internet is a WONDERFUL TOOL for helping one another, and those who can’t call for help themselves.  Well done everyone! 😀

Darling William was found by the Stirling Shire and has been there for over a week now.  He desperately needs to find a new home this weekend as the Shire does not have the facilities to accommodate him, and whilst he’s taking up the dog exercise yard, the dogs cannot get out to play.  William is initially shy but has a very inquisitive nature and the Rangers feel he would be very friendly with his new family once he got used to them. He seems keenly interested in dogs so perhaps he’s used to enjoying canine company.  William MUST be picked up THIS WEEKEND at the Stirling Pound between 12:30pm – 1:30pm Saturday or Sunday.  Please ring the Rangers direct to arrange a meeting with Will.. and of course, he is to be taken as a PET ONLY and must go to a very loving, forever home.

For adoption please contact the City of Stirling Animal Care Facility

The City of Stirling Animal Care Facility is located at 15 Natalie Way, Balcatta.
Telephone: 9345 8584

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      No worries Gina – thanks for bringing the little guy to my attention. (actually he’s not that little is he! lol)

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