I have just received word from Jeane at BFAR that Cindy has found a perfect forever home.  She has been adopted by a lovely couple who already have an elderly Dachshund to keep Cindy company, she will spending the rest of her days in loving care and comfort in her new home with a large yard and lots of TLC to help her with her arthritis.  Thank you Jeane for helping this beautiful old girl find a home, and thank you to the lovely couple who opened their hearts and let Cindy in.  Wishing you all so much happiness and love for the rest of your days. xxx

Please consider helping out this dear old dog who recently lost her elderly human companion. Adopting an elderly dog is a very rewarding experience (I have personally done so and can assure you we are very happy we did, we love our old pooch very much). Helping an elderly dog is food for the soul… it’s a really good and kind thing to do.

Please call Jeane on 0415 779 610 for more info.

Cindy’s elderly owner passed away. The family are unable to keep her as their Jack Russell is not being friendly… and she’s a nervous little girl.

She’s good with cats, dogs and people. She’s a sweet little dog who loves a cuddle. She must be bewildered at losing her home after so many years.

If anyone can kindly offer this elderly girl a nice home it would be a lovely thing to do.

Please call Jeane from Best Friends Animal Rescue on 0415 779 610.


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