Hi I'm Jewel - Could You Love Me?

The latest Action Alert has 7 animals needing our help – including a pony foal, 2 cats, 2 rabbits & 2 dogs!  Please read their stories and help them if you can – if you can’t adopt yourself please let others know about these animals, you may have a friend who would love to save a critter?

Apart from the adorable animals, there is loads of information and links in this edition too – including an interview, book review, pet products & services, charities & incentives, online petitions, a cruelty free product review and a recipe! What more could any self proclaimed animal loving, enviro aware, intelligent & caring consumer ask for??

I hope you enjoy the read – if you haven’t already clicked the links above – please CLICK HERE to view the Alert.

PS: I would LOVE to read your feedback, good or bad! Please post your comments here – I would really like to know what my readers want and expect and am ALWAYS looking for ways to improve.  I hope to hear from you soon!

Love and thanks – from me & the critters xx

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    Gwen Skipper

    Mars I always like what you do, you put actions before words and you are a great animal activist that is willing to put in the hard miles. I hope their are plenty of positive feedback for you

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    Aww Gwen, that’s such a lovely thing to say! It’s always nice to get a comment from your sister – you KNOW it’s going to be positive. 🙂 Actually I had no idea you even read my blog – what a lovely surprise!! xxx

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