This weeks Alert has a rabbit, 2 kitties, and 2 dogs searching for new and loving homes.  Some of these animals have been hurt or dumped and would so love to have a second chance at a decent life.  It’s always amazing to me how readily animals will forgive and forget – their desire to live, love and have fun runs very deep.  If only we all could have such open and willing hearts!

The sideline of the alerts always has loads of interesting stuff – every edition features a variety of links including; competitions, pet products, cruelty free retailers, book reviews, news stories, healthy recipes and more!

Please enjoy the read but more importantly – please share the Alert with your friends, brothers, sisters, cousins,  workmates, your hairdresser, the baker… you get the idea.  The more people who read and share this alert, the bigger chance the animals have of being rescued.

Thank you for caring for the voiceless – Click here: to view the Alert.

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