When you adopt an animal, you have to wonder - Who's saving Who?

This weeks Alert has 4 cats, 1 dog and 1 horse that are desperately needing forever homes. Plus the Cat Haven is calling out for help with Foster Carers for their adult cats – its easy to do and they provide everything so please consider helping out.

Apart from the lovely animals, there’s loads more in this Alert – competitions to enter, a volunteer job vacancy, armchair activism, delicious biscuit recipe, info on global warming, cruelty free retailers and more – so sit back and enjoy the read.

Oh and please don’t forget to share the Alert with your friends, and invite them to subscribe – the more people we have on our mailing list, the more chances the animals have of being rescued.

Thanks for everything you do for the animals – Click here: http://ow.ly/13lYN to view the Alert.

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  1. Lorri Coope

    Hello we are looking for a dog to share are home as we have lost our beloved kelpie of 12 years. Is this dog still available?

    0430 647 310

    1. animalactionist

      Hi Lorri! 🙂

      Which dog are you referring to? The dog in the Action Alert called Marquis (lab cross)? Or are you referring to the dog pictured on this page with sign around his neck? If so, he is just a “model” and not up for adoption. (he is adorable tho!!)

      Marquis the young lab cross, is still available as far as I know – would you like me to give you the contact details for Petrescue who currently have him? I will call you tomorrow if I haven’t heard back via here.

      Thanks so much for considering adopting – it is a truly wonderful & rewarding thing to do!


      1. animalactionist

        Oh or are you referring to Benji the Kelpie? Lol – we must talk!

    2. animalactionist

      Hi again Lorri 🙂

      I rang u & left a message few days ago – hope u got it ok? Would be my pleasure to help u find a dog to love. Pls MSG me here again if you’re having trouble getting me on phone. I’ll try ringing u again soon.

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